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branding, ux & ui design


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fairfax - sydney morning herald

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breadcrumbs  is a multidimensional storytelling platform that enhances the delivery of locally-focused journalism by allowing users to become fully immersed and to choose how they follow a story.

the live experience

  • the app product provides a multimedia experience through text, photos and videos. 

  • journalists can mark relevant elements of the story that will later become a ‘breadcrumb’.

  • interaction between journalist and users.

  • users can follow events in real-time, enhancing the ‘live story’ experience.

  • users can contribute their own content to help build a richer story (moderated by the editor).

  • social media integration allows for easy sharing.

360º breadcrumb experience

  • users can interact with the geo-located breadcrumbs previously left by the journalist.

  • a number of different views can be activated to see where certain events took place (360º and ‘birds eye’ map).

  • each breadcrumb contains detailed information, allowing users to be better informed and engaged with specific aspects of a story.

  • comments are seamlessly integrated to encourage discussion and engagement between readers and the stories.


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