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- discipline

industrial design

- client

sandra bada 


- location

mexico city


centro armand

- case study

our friend and entrepreneur sandra bada, hired us to design for her a custom made piece of furniture. a portable manicure table for her beauty saloon.


the guidelines to follow were:

- white color.

- easy to clean surfaces. take into consideration that it will be in contact with solvents.

- an area to rest your feet.

- 1 or 2 big drawers.

- consider an area to put files and varnishes.

- portable

- light weight


the white colored surfaces where made out of mdf with a mirror finish (piano) with nitrocelullose paint and an extra layer of polyurethane. the structure is made of steel with gray electro coating. we installed 4 premium tente wheels and we used a pair of german slow closing full-extension runners for the drawer.

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